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Distinguished since its establishment in 1993, SPECULUM has consistently demonstrated a remarkable commitment to pioneering innovation within the healthcare market. Our enduring dedication to introducing groundbreaking products sets us apart, making SPECULUM a trusted name in the industry.

Beginning with our transformative disposable vaginal speculums that redefined practices and positioned us as a leading distributor in Gynecology and Obstetrics we adapted to the evolving healthcare landscape andventured into Anesthesia, aligning with key industry advancements and demonstrating our ability to respond to new trends.

SPECULUM''s reach spans across the Portuguese healthcare sector includes public and private hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and nursing care facilities. Our export presence is highlighted by our success with export of our own medical software (, extending to more than 15 countries.

Our strength lies in our deep understanding of complex sales structures and our ability to navigate the challenges of introducing innovative products into diverse healthcare environments. Our comprehensive product range showcases our innovation, from disposable medical device, to equipment and software, from technical support to clinical training and complete solutions.

SPECULUM is dedicated to continuous improvement, strategically expanding our reach and successfully launching new products to meet and exceed our clients'' needs. Our Marketing department plays a crucial role in this success, leveraging market research, design, and advertising to propel SPECULUM to new heights.

Our mission is to manage our achievements while continuing to deliver unparalleled innovation and products to the healthcare sector. We view our suppliers as essential partners, fostering long-term, esteemed relationships to advance healthcare solutions together. SPECULUM is committed to leading the way in healthcare innovation, ready to embrace future advancements.