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Since 1993 SPECULUM has been following the same philosophy of introducing innovation into the healthcare market. SPECULUM S.A. started its journey by introducing the disposable vaginal speculum at the everyday practice of Portuguese Gynecologists. From Gynecology Speculum naturally spread into the Obstetrics field, becoming the number one distributor in both markets.

Due to SPECULUM clientele demand, the company now supplies products to a broad diversity of medical specialities. Anesthesia is one of those current fast-paced growing fields. Where Pajunk and Cheetah Medical with Starling SV and Samsung/Medison are our focus.

SPECULUM covers all the public and private Hospitals, as Offices, Medical Clinics, and Nursing care houses in the Portuguese territory. Speculum has also been building relationships with other Hospitals around the world, especially due to the success of OMNIVIEW ( We are now present in 16 countries. 

SPECULUM also supplies Colposcopes, Cryosurgery guns, Sterilisation, Surgery, Electrosurgery equipment, Metallic Instruments, Urodynamics, Incontinence Therapy, Software solutions and a broad range of disposables.

SPECULUM has strategies to continuously keep improving its services and to keep on satisfying its client’s needs, always with the best innovative solutions. SPECULUM expects continuous growth for the upcoming years due to its geographical expansion strategy, and a high experience in successfully introducing innovative products on the market. SPECULUM Marketing department is also becoming much stronger. Market research, Design, and Marketing and Advertisement expertise are delivering effective and precise marketing actions which will be a central tool for SPECULUM to reach higher levels in the future.

SPECULUM goal is to successfully manage what has already achieved and to keep servicing Health Care with innovative knowledge and products. As a relationship with suppliers SPECULUM always aims to build extended-term, honored and solid alliances.