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A digital partograph to make birth safer.

A digital partograph to  make birth safer.


Speculum has more than 25 years of experience delivering the safest solutions for gynaecology and obstetrics. Plus, we developed and commercialize a CTG for central fetal monitoring with computerized analysis (Omniview Sisporto®) present in around 100 maternities worldwide and with more bibliographic references than any other CTG central monitoring system on the market.

We started to use all our experience and know-how to develop MATERNUM, an exceptional digital partograph, that achieves and excels the highest standards of safety, simplicity of use, and speed. A Digital Wallboard with full information of every patient in every room, in real-time.

A 100% paperless solution that can be integrated with a CTG monitoring central. Automatic data sharing with other services and fully customizable. Introduction of notes about the parturient work, with high usability and flexibility.
Access to patient information, including risk factors and progression notes in different locations, devices, and platforms.


A brand new tool that allows MATERNUM to:
Automatically make complex calculations of key indicators;
Fulfill missing data, and send it to other services in the hospital;
Allows detailed information about indicators as how much time has passed since, for example, the rupture of the membranes.